Throne Report – May 21, 2022


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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

With the changes discussed last month, things are moving along nicely this year with three more releases planned and a possible fourth.


There are no updates to our legacy products. As a reminder, all of our legacy Savage Worlds product come with free SWADE conversion guides.

Multi-System Supplements

The next new book will be Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Spiritualism. Similar to Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Psionics, Spiritualism will focus on getting more out of your spirit magic spellcasters. It will be released with How to Guides for SWADE and EGS 2.0 but not Legend as it already has a Spirit Magic supplement. It might get a Shadowed Earth guide as shamans are an integral part of the canon. Research has started and the bulk of the notes have been taken. The outline has been written and the next step is to start writing! Which will begin shortly and will hopefully finish in time for editing to wrap up this year and the book to be released before 2022 ends. But we’ll see how things progress…

Shadowed Earth

Judgment Day 3rd edition is complete, the cover art has been received, and the final files are in the process of being assembled. To kick-off the new iteration of Judgment Day, JumpStart for SWADE has been released to give everyone a look at the new edition and provide a set of pre-generated characters for one-shots and convention games. The new core setting guide will be released on June 1, 2022.

After Judgment Day for SWADE is released, the new Judgment Day: Quick Start Guide for EGS 2.0 will be assembled. Like Entropic Science Fiction and Entropic Fantasy, Judgment Day powered by EGS 2.0 will be a standalone book. It is playfully called the Unabridged Edition, because it requires no other books to play, but technically it is just the EGS 2nd Edition. This will be the same game as SWADE, but with all the core EGS mechanics.

After the release of the Quick Start Guide for EGS, the full Judgment Day core rulebook powered by EGS 2.0 will be released. Also like Entropic Science Fiction and Entropic Fantasy, this will be a customized version of EGS 2.0 to fit the setting and gameplay.

A new website has been kick off to capture the many historical timelines found throughout many of our products. This allows you to compare timelines side-by-side to see when playing in a historically-based or -inspired game:

Family Gaming

There are no updates to our family gaming products.

Entropic Gaming System

There are no updates to our Entropic Gaming System products.

Roleplayers Chronicle

You can always follow our major product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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