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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

Despite the fact I already did many 5-year anniversary updates (of which many were released well before their 5-year anniversary), this year and beyond will see many products updated again, but for different reasons. You can learn about some of that below.

No New Updates

There are no new updates for the following products: Ancient World and Mercenary Breed.

Tabletop Gaming Guides

Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Pinkertons is in editing. The next book will be the Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Mongol Empire. It will expand on the original content include “How to use…” guides for Savage Worlds, Entropic Gaming System, and Legend. After that, new guides are planned as are updates to existing guides to follow this new format.

Shadowed Earth

The Fallen is in layout awaiting artwork. I do not have a release date, but it should be in early April. I’m pretty excited for this first PbtA game.

Beyond the Firelight Deluxe is in development. This 2nd edition will clean-up the Scenario mechanics along with providing archetypes for creating Personalities and four Scenarios as part of the core rulebook. The price point will go up do to the additional content, but those who already purchased it will get the new Deluxe version for free.

Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm has been brought into planning for a revised, expanded edition. This was already planned to bring #01 into the same 2-page format featured in Cryptozoology #02. Both will follow the same format as the new Tabletop Gaming Guides. This includes “How to use…” guides for Savage Worlds, Entropic Gaming System, Beyond the Firelight, and The Fallen.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Little Heroes

Little Heroes Deluxe has been sent off for editing. It will also feature the same cleaned-up Scenario mechanics along with four Scenarios as part of the core rulebook.

Entropic Gaming System

As an official announcement, planning for Entropic Gaming System 2nd Edition has begun. This is not a re-thinking of the mechanics, but rather a re-thinking of the presentation of the mechanics to better explain them in simpler terms. The content will be much more direct with a considerably different presentation. All existing products will be 100% compatible.

There will be one major change though – a core rulebook will no longer exist. Instead, 2nd edition will be released as a stripped-down System Reference Document that concentrates on a better presentation and understanding of the mechanics. It will not be available in print, but it will be 8.5″ x 11″ and available as a free PDF that will be very easy to print out. This will be then be used as the basis for future products which will all be available as a standalone product (you will not need the SRD to use them). There will instead be a full core rulebook for Entropic Fantasy and Entropic Science Fiction. There will also be a standalone version of Judgment Day and Ancient World. However, instead of just using the SRD and “adding options”, the OGL mechanics will be tweeked to create a full set of rules to fit the mechanics.

Portsmouth 1745

From a recent announcement, Rogue Games will no longer produce their existing Colonial Gothic mechanics. Instead, the next edition will be Colonial Gothic: Grim and Perilous published instead by Grim & Perilous Studios. Portsmouth 1745 will not be compatible and will not be updated. Instead, it will very likely be rolled into a new Shadowed Earth setting placed in the latter half of Colonial America and will likely be Powered by the Apocalypse. This is not confirmed yet and I don’t know what it will be called.

Just to keep things clear, I consider Richard Iorio of Rogue Games a professional acquaintance and friend and fully support his decision regarding Colonial Gothic. I will simply roll with the changes and turn this into a new opportunity. This also gives me an opportunity to create a PbtA pirate game that is fully compatible with this Colonial America game. But that is just speculation at this point! 🙂

Roleplayers Chronicle

You can always follow our product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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