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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

There have been two big announcements in the past couple weeks. The first is our upcoming line of Adventure Gamebooks powered by EGS Solo, a very simplified version of the Entropic Gaming System for the purpose of creating Adventure Gamebooks. Our line developers and I have been hashing over the details of the mechanics before launching into the books. There will be two book series kicked off, most likely funded via Kickstarter for the artwork. Stay tuned for more.

The second announcement is Five Points, a new campaign setting for Cakebread & Walton’s Dark Streets. Funny, enough, this second announcement was actually what was hinted at last month; not the first. The first came about due to discussions between my line developers and I. Five Points marks the second licensed campaign product from Mystical Throne Entertainment (the first being Portsmouth 1745). This is a setting I’ve been wanting to do for a couple years, but have been waiting until projects cleared up. I’ve already launched development and Peter Cakebread & Ken Walton are going to be my editors! They’ll ensure this book matches the Dark Streets Lovecraftian horror theme.

There’s more great stuff to come this year, and I encourage you to watch this space for excellent announcements!

Mercenary Breed

Editing continues on the Hastilion Expanse campaign book for Mercenary Breed – Savage Worlds. I don’t have any further updates, but this is a pretty big book to edit and will take awhile.

Colonial Gothic: Portsmouth 1745

Editing has been completed for Portsmouth 1745 and layout has now begun. This layout will take quite a long time as the book is quite big and I will be squeezing other projects in-between. I anticipate an August release date.

Ultimate Guides

All conversion Ultimate Guides are done with the release of Ultimate Knights Templar Guide. I’ve kicked off a few freelancers to pull together some new Ultimate Guides books. I won’t announce them until their handed in for editing though as I never know how long development will take. I personally have started brainstorming an Ultimate Vikings Guide for Savage Worlds and then later for EGS. This is currently on my development wait list, so we’ll see when writing actually begins.

Entropic Gaming System

Entropic Guides: Warfare is nearing completion. I sent out the v6 updates recently which now include all new large-scale combat situations except vehicular combat. That means sea combat, space combat, and siege warfare have all been added. This book has been a lot of fun to write and really helps establish some new and exciting things for the Entropic Gaming System.

Development continues on Entropic Heroes: Fantasy. I’ve been hacking away at the Equipment chapter. This is becoming a much more detailed chapter than I first expected with a lot of weapons, magic weapon options, and a host of new mundane equipment with full descriptions! This book most likely won’t see publication until next year, but I’ll keep plugging away.

Third Party Publishers

No updates here, but keep on the look-out for new 3PP EGS products.

Shadowed Earth

Other than the upcoming fiction book, there’s no new Shadowed Earth development going on at the moment. There’s plenty of books to come, but other development currently has higher priority. The next Cryptozoology book will be delayed slightly to focus on a couple other books right now. I was planning on starting it this month, but will probably delay that until next month.

The next Cryptozoology release is Otherworldly Beings. I want to continue focusing on the multi-era entries as they add value to all settings, not just one setting. Additionally, this next release will follow my new bestiary entry design where every entry is a 2- or 4-page write-up instead of the previous 1-page write-up. This is akin to the entries in Xenopedia. All entries in Bestiarum Vocabulum are this way and the entries for Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm will be revised to follow this standard. The revision won’t occur until the first compendium is ready to be put together, but the current release will be revised with the new version and all previous orders will be updated.

Please note, this new development method results in fewer entries in each release to keep the page count and cost the same.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Ancient World

Writing for Ancient World (EGS) and Bestiarum Vocabulum is completed. Both books are running through editing now and Ancient World may see publication in PDF yet this month. Bestiarum Vocabulum won’t be until July though. This is an excellent opportunity to see how well fans enjoy the Entropic Gaming System in a dark fantasy setting! Like the fantasy horror aspects of Shadowed Earth, dark fantasy was one of the genres EGS was designed to embrace.


Heaven Queen is currently in layout and will be the next book to be published. In fact, the only thing I’m waiting on now is a piece of commissioned artwork from the awesome Andrew DeFelice. This one has a pretty cool cover and has an AWESOME write-up for traversing the Labyrinth below the Royal Palace of Knossos in Crete. You could easily use these mechanics for old school dungeon delves. After that, Gilbert will be moving on to something secret… More details at a later time.

Broken Ruler Games

Broken Ruler Games is busy with development. Stay tuned to this area for further announcements when they come available.

Roleplayers Chronicle

I recently finished adding Design Mechanism and the rest of Nightfall Games to the Reference database. A review of Victoriana 3rd edition has been posted and I currently have Mutant: Year Zero in my hands for review. The next database clean-up will be Paizo Publishing.

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