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Aaron T. Huss

Mercenary Breed: Hastilion Expanse

It’s been a while since my last Throne Report, but that’s because I’ve been eyeball-deep in writing. The Hastilion Expanse Perilous Journey campaign is the big one on my plate right now. I was writing it and Portsmouth 1745 at the same time, but proved to be too time consuming and I didn’t feel like I was making the right headway. Plus I didn’t want to overwhelm my editors with both of them finishing around the same time. Thus, I’m focusing on writing Hastilion Expanse and have all plot point missions done (12 total) and all side missions from Novice through Veteran done (15 total). Half the Heroic missions are done as they will serve as Heroic and Legendary missions. After that, I just need to finish the Xenopedia section and it’s off to the editors! This is going to be a big book! However, for everyone that has already purchased any Hastilion Expanse PDF so far, they’ll be offered the final product at 50% off.

Colonial Gothic: Portsmouth 1745

The first Perilous Journey set (because Hastilion Expanse is technically the second one) is on hold until the Hastilion Expanse is completed. Why? Because I had more written for Hastilion Expanse than Portsmouth 1745. I was writing both for a while, but that got overwhelming. So, the Colonial Gothic plot point campaign will be picked up again in a couple months.

Ultimate Guides

I have some good news and bad news about Ultimate Knights Templar Guide. The good news is Charles White turned in a manuscript. The bad news is I had to send it back. To me, this is yet another awesome Ultimate Guide and I want to make sure it’s as perfect as we can make it. Thus, I had Charles go back to the drawing board and redo certain sections. I still expect this book to be released this month though.

What’s Next

I’ve been flip-flopping mentally about what big project will be next. I had announced Judgment Day 2.0 and previously stated Ancient World 2.0 may come next instead. This original decision was because of something potential with my gaming group that went a different direction. Thus, Ancient World 2.0 will come later. Part of this is because I’m actually very happy with the current Ancient World and another part is because this book will get a good overhaul that requires a lot of thought. So instead, I’ve been playing with Faith & Demons: The Rising 2.0 because I have lots of ideas on how to do this book right. The current Judgment Day actually serves a good little niche as a layer for fantasy settings and Ancient World does a good job of presenting a dark fantasy world, but I was never truly happy with the results of Faith & Demons: The Rising; especially since this was a setting I was so passionate about. I’ve had a lot of time to learn and develop as a writer and publisher and know what I want to do to make this book feel right! That and it needs to be brought inline with Shadowed Earth.

Shadowed Earth

The Shadowed Earth Anthology, Volume I is still in process. Two stories have been received and a third is in the works. Instead of short stories, the writers were so excited that they all turned in novelettes. This is pretty cool as it gives them the opportunity to explore the story further. So far I love them; one is based in the 1980s punk scene in London while the other is a Western-era piece. They are both excellent entries into the Shadowed Earth realm!!

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online website for the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Roleplayers Chronicle

Clean-up has resumed on the database, continuing with the battlemaps. This will take a very long time, no matter how I approach it. However, I really love the ability to see all these awesome products navigable in such an easy fashion.

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