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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of anything last month. I was actually traveling for my full-time job for 3 weeks in a row and had very little time at home. Despite that, there’s a lot to divulge right now. For starters, we have four products currently in process and will hopefully release this year – The Fallen, Little Heroes Deluxe, Beyond the Firelight Deluxe, and EGS 2.0 System Reference Document. Second, we are honing in on our catalog, reducing its diversity and moving many products to the “Legacy” category. Legacy products will not be supported with newly developed products, but may be supported with revised products. I have many plans to expand other lines and trying to support them all just isn’t going to work. Finally, I have plans to re-purpose Portsmouth 1745 and Five Points into Shadowed Earth products as described below.


The following products will hereby be considered legacy products and only supported with potential revised editions, but no new development – Ancient World, Mercenary Breed, Mythos (Mythos 2.0 will be supported by the Rocky Mountain Savages), Savage Insider, Portsmouth 1745 (Colonial Gothic), Five Points (Dark Streets), and Ultimate Guides (future versions will be developed under the Tabletop Gaming Guides design instead).

Tabletop Gaming Guides

Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Pinkertons is fully released in PDF and POD. The next book will be the Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Mongol Empire. It will expand on the original content and include “How to use…” guides for Savage Worlds (SWADE), Entropic Gaming System (EGS 2.0), and Legend. It is currently pending the release of the EGS 2.0 System Reference Document.

Shadowed Earth

The Fallen is in layout; some artwork has come in and more is in process. I still do not have a release date.

Beyond the Firelight Deluxe is pending layout. It is in line after The Fallen and Little Heroes Deluxe.

Cryptozoology #01 and #02 are on hold pending the release of The Fallen, Beyond the Firelight Deluxe, and EGS 2.0. The new Cryptozoology releases will support all three of these along with the SWADE edition of Savage Worlds.

I am hereby announcing the plan for a series of fantasy horror investigation-styled products (akin to Call of Cthulhu) set in Shadowed Earth. These products will be Powered by the Apocalypse, but not the PbtA from The Fallen (because The Fallen features characters as supernatural beings). This will be a PbtA-compatible system that features its own twist to align it with some of the unique features of Shadowed Earth. One publication will be set in Colonial New England and will re-purpose the content from Portsmouth 1745. Another publication will be set in Antebellum New York and will re-purpose the content from Five Points. Another publication will be set in the United States Progressive Era where the investigators use the massive railroad system of the US to track down their horrific targets. I also have plans to use that same system for a publication set in Antiquity and another set in the not-too-distant future of Shadowed Earth.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Little Heroes

Little Heroes Deluxe is pending the finalization of layout.  It is in line after The Fallen has been released.

Entropic Gaming System

Entropic Gaming System 2nd Edition (EGS 2.0) development has started in the form of a System Reference Document. The SRD will be a free download that provides all OGL material and a deep, descriptive look at the system’s mechanics that will be summarized in later releases (such as Entropic Fantasy and Entropic Science Fiction). GMs are then encouraged to refer back to the SRD for guidance on running the game while players won’t necessarily need it.

Roleplayers Chronicle

You can always follow our product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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