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Aaron T. Huss

Pricing Update

As announced previously, we rolled in a new pricing scheme. Mystical Throne Entertainment is dedicated to providing quality products at a great price, but we also want to utilize great artwork and hire great writers. This means we had to make some pricing adjustments going forward. Many products stayed the same, some products went up, and a few products even went down. That said, this will be the new pricing scheme going forward.

Mercenary Breed

Editing continues on the Hastilion Expanse campaign book for Mercenary Breed – Savage Worlds. Conversion is wrapping up this week on Entropic Heroes: Science Fiction which will provide everything you need to create sci-fi heroes for your EGS games! In other news, we recently signed on a new freelancer that will be launching a new sci-fi supplement series. Full details will follow in the next couple months.

Colonial Gothic: Portsmouth 1745

Writing is complete for the Portsmouth 1745 campaign book and has been handed off for editing. I expect editing to be done in June or July as the book is fairly large.

Ultimate Guides

The files for the Ultimate Knights Templar Guide have been turned in for editing. Unfortunately, I have a couple things to finish up first before getting to this and this I don’t expect editing to take long afterward. Additionally, the EGS edition of the Ultimate Roman Legions Guide has been released for those looking to incorporate the Roman Legions into their EGS games!

Entropic Gaming System

The Entropic Gaming System is in full swing! Not only is the core rulebook out in PDF and POD, there are lots of supplements and adventures to support it. Additionally, I’m in process of writing the Entropic Gaming System: Quick Start Guide which will provide a slimmed down version of the rules, pregenerated characters, and a dark fantasy adventure. It will be available for Pay What You Want and will be available in PDF and POD.

Third Party Publishers

The Entropic Gaming System Third Party Publisher paNik Productions has released their second multi-system book that includes the EGS. Mystery Mountain is a modern action or sci-fi adventure:

Shadowed Earth

The Shadowed Earth Anthology, Volume I is wrapping up nicely. All stories have been received and the final one is currently in editing. I expect this to be available in February.

Judgment Day 2nd Edition is also wrapping up. All content is written except for the introductory adventure. I was also able to snag an editor in parallel so that the entire book will be ready to go into layout in early February. The EGS version should be released in February with a Savage Worlds following close by.

Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm has been released for the Entropic Gaming System. Albeit a bit early as Judgment Day isn’t released yet, it does provide 30 unique demons set in Shadowed Earth and usable within any fantasy or horror setting. I’m currently in the process of creating the Savage Worlds stat blocks for those 30 entries and will have it finished this month.

I’ve decided that the next Cryptozoology book will be #02: Otherworldly Beings. I like starting out with adversaries that can be available within any era and any location so that GMs can place their adventures and campaigns wherever they want! It also allows me to expand on the current edition of Faith & Demons: The Rising.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Ancient World

Ancient World 2nd Edition is waiting patiently until Judgment Day is complete. I’ve decided to make a slight change to the Bestiarum Vocabulum and do 2-page to 4-page write-ups and slim the creature count down to 60-75. 4-page write-ups will actually contain multiple stat blocks though, so the adversary count will be higher than that.

One thing you will spot in the upcoming Quick Start Guide is the mention of “Dhuran”, which is the planet featured in Ancient World. The particular adventure in the Quick Start Guide is set in the same world as Ancient World, but happens to be placed within the follow-on setting Edge of Arcanum. Edge of Arcanum will move the timeline of Dhuran forward 500 years and will have a dark fantasy / epic fantasy horror feel to it.

Broken Ruler Games

If you saw the announcement, you’ll remember that Broken Ruler Games, publishers of the ENnie Award winning Killshot, have chosen to move from independent publisher to developing house. To aid in this move and continue bringing their awesome products to the industry, Mystical Throne Entertainment has stepped in to do all of their publishing and marketing. This means all Broken Ruler Games products will now be found within our catalog.

One thing you will notice is that the Killshot catalog on RPGNow does not exhibit the same pricing as it does on our webstore. This is because we’re maintaining the latest pricing scheme at RPGNow through the end of January. On February 1, the prices will go up to what they are in our webstore. This is to bring the Killshot catalog inline with industry standards.

Broken Ruler Games will also be a regular feature on our Throne Report online newsletter. Stay tuned to find out what’s new for Killshot and the upcoming ScreenPlay.

Game Publishers’ Guild

Mystical Throne Entertainment is one of the founding publishers of the Game Publishers’ Guild. Although the immediate desires of the Guild is to begin establishing marketing and brand recognition, we will soon be presenting many new opportunities for purchasing all member’s products to expand our reach throughout the industry!

Roleplayers Chronicle

The Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database is continuing to move through the refresh process. I’m already down to Kenzer & Company, finishing up the Kingdoms of Kalamar entries.

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