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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

Happy 2017! Every year, around this time, I sit back and think what I’m going to do in the new year to continue my incremental improvements of Mystical Throne Entertainment and our product catalog. This year, I’ve decided to make some fairly significant changes. For starters, 2016 marked the 5-year anniversary of Mystical Throne Entertainment (and Savage Insider). In that 5+ years, I’ve learned a lot as a designer, publisher, editor, gamer, and (most importantly) the administrator of the Savage Worlds Facebook group. I’ve come to realize that unless you have a “big”, standalone setting, most gaming groups seem to cherry pick from various supplements to create their own homebrews or setting mash-ups.

First, Ancient World and all of Shadowed Earth fit into that standalone setting while Ultimate Guides and various universal supplements fit in the homebrew-supporting supplements. Mercenary Breed, unfortunately, doesn’t really fit in either. From the beginning, Mercenary Breed was supposed to be a toolkit that allowed you to create your own sci-fi games. Some initial research I did pointed to it needing a setting; so I added one in the 2nd edition. Well, I don’t think that was the right direction to take it. You can read below what Mercenary Breed’s fate is.

Second, adding to this idea of cherry picking for homebrews and mash-ups, some of the large Entropic Gaming System core supplements are… large. Possibly too large. Although they are packed with genre-related material, it might be more than most gamers want and possibly filled with things they can’t use (such as players buying a book half-filled with GM material). You can read more about these books below as well.

Third, the Ultimate Guides line is a passion of mine. I love history, I love messing with history, and I love learning about how historical elements can be incorporated into games. With that said, I am going to continue rebranding the Ultimate Guides books and even expand on what’s available. You’ll find out below.

Finally, Legend… My support for the Legend gaming system is a bit thin, but I’m finding that it’s becoming too restrictive. This is ultimately because there are already thematic Legend books available that cover material that I’d like to publish in Legend form. So instead of attacking Legend, and attempting to shoehorn historical source material into a fantasy game, I have a new project below.

No New Updates

To make it easier to call out where there are no new updates, I’m adding this entry. There are currently no new updates regarding Licensed Settings, Ancient World, and Mythos.

Ultimate Guides

The Ultimate Guides series of books will see A LOT of activity in the next 5 years and well beyond. For starters, we have the books planned that were mentioned in November and December. Second, Ultimate Mass Battle Guide will be rebranded as Ultimate Mechanics Guide: Mass Battle and will include siege warfare and some other updates. Third, continuing on with the 5-year anniversary updates, the current Entropic Guides: Warfare will be broken down into three releases tentatively titled Historical Warfare, Modern Warfare, and Future Warfare, all under the Ultimate Mechanics Guide series. This way, you can pick and choose what version of warfare best fits your game setting without having to pay extra for the ones you don’t.

Fourth, again when their 5-year anniversary comes around, the Entropic Heroes books will be divided into a pair of Ultimate Guides such as Sci-Fi Heroes, Fantasy Heroes, Sci-Fi Sandbox, and Fantasy Sandbox. The first two will be Ultimate Characters Guides and the latter two will be Ultimate Settings Guides. Why am I doing this? To divide the book between player and GM content. This way the players wont’ have to pay for that GM content. I will also launch an Ultimate Bestiary Guide series for the Xenopedia.

For current development, Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics (Savage Worlds) is currently in editing, Ultimate Medieval Guide: Feudal Japan (Savage Worlds) is currently in editing, and Ultimate Dark Ages Guide: Vikings (Savage Worlds) is in the development queue.

Entropic Gaming System

The Entropic Gaming System series of books is being narrowed down to core books only going forward. All Guides, Heroes, Adventures, and Settings books will be rebranded to show that they’re not just for EGS. That means EGS will be the core rulebook, the Quick Start Guide, and any offshoots of the core rules.

Systematic Supplements

I am officially announcing the launch of a new supplement series called “Systematic”. It will include Systematic Adventures, Systematic Settings, and Systematic Campaigns. Why “Systematic”? Well, it’s a bit of a twist since “Entropic” and “Systematic” are antonyms of each other. 🙂 However, that’s not why they’re name that way. They’re being named that way because the line is completely setting-agnostic and can thus be added to any desired setting. Each supplement is like a puzzle piece which can be fit together with other products, homebrews, or mash-ups. Kind of like Ultimate Guides, but they are generally going to be shorter. Additionally, these supplements will be available in multiple systems, thus dropping the “Entropic” prefix was necessary.

As a side note, all Entropic Adventures and Settings will be rebranded as Systematic once they hit their 5-year anniversary.

Shadowed Earth

Beyond the Firelight core rulebook is now available in PDF and POD in paperback and hardcover. The retail version is being put off until at least February. Additionally, the second playtest Scenario, Dullahan, was released as a free download. I am currently developing a new, full-length Scenario tentatively titled Beyond the Firelight: Town of Dover. Whereas the playtest Scenarios were 4 Acts, this one will be 12 or more.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Little Heroes

Little Heroes: The Lost Faery is in layout and the cover artwork has been commissioned. The interior will be next, hopefully in February. Writing one the core rulebook is almost complete.

New d100

Now for the big news; two big announcements actually. First, the Legend edition of Mercenary Breed is going to be overhauled completely. It will morph into its own sci-fi d100 game called Terrestrial. It will potentially be compatible with Legend, but ultimately it will be OGL-based with a serious look at the mechanics in Legend, OpenQuest, and Renaissance; not just Legend. It will be 100% standalone and full of awesomeness! The Mercenary Breed setting aspects will be stripped out and it will likely be placed within our own galaxy. GM content will be only as necessary with the bulk of it being in its own Ultimate Guides book. This way I’m not trying to force sci-fi mechanics onto a fantasy game.

Second, there will be a new home for our historical Ultimate Guides in the form of a historical d100 system. I’m not 100% sure how this will look as it will be mostly mechanics with setting guidance and not its own setting. After all, there are a lot of potential historical settings that can be layered on top of supporting mechanics. It too will use Legend, OpenQuest, and Renaissance as a starting point and will be OGL-based. It’s possible that this project will turn into the Shadowed Earth RPG, but I haven’t decided that yet. What I’m ultimately trying to do is provide historical and alternate history fans with a game they can use to play any era, probably up through the Age of Discovery. Technology seemed to change much more rapidly after the Age of Discovery. That and there are other games out there to cover this period. I might even stop where Renaissance starts and brand those particular Ultimate Guides as Renaissance books. Again, I haven’t decided on this yet.

Broken Ruler Games

Broken Ruler Games has been very busy gearing-up for the High Plains Samurai Kickstarter, which has been slightly delayed . You can follow all updates and announcements at

Roleplayers Chronicle

The database has been deleted. Another large set of links went dead, and I’m not going to spend anymore time fixing them. I apologize if you enjoyed the database, but I just don’t have the time to maintain it anymore.

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