Throne Report – December 18, 2018


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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

The end of November and beginning of December have been very productive and December shows no signs of slowing down. Additionally, we have something new coming in 2019 (to be disclosed later) along with some updates to existing products. Happy holidays!

No New Updates

There are no new updates for the following products: Entropic Gaming System, Little Heroes, Ancient World, Mercenary Breed, and licensed settings.

Tabletop Gaming Guides

New development is now in full swing with Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Pinkertons. I am already 45+ pages in and all the “How to use…” guides are written. The sourcebook itself will contain no mechanical information, but will be accompanied by 4 “How to use…” guides covering Savage Worlds (SWADE compatible), Entropic Gaming System, Five Points (Dark Streets), and Shadowed Earth. Additionally, I have words from the author that the Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: American Civil War is being written, although no completion date yet.

After the Pinkertons book is completed, the Mongol Empire book will be updated to Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Mongol Empire. It will expand on the original content and some of the more universal content will have mechanics removed to remain systemless within the sourcebook. Then “How to use…” guides will be developed for Savage Worlds, Entropic Gaming System, and Legend.

Shadowed Earth

Writing on The Fallen is completed as is the first round of editing. Artwork is in progress and the book will hopefully begin layout in January. I’m pretty excited for this first Powered by the Apocalypse game.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:


Mythos IP owner Gilbert Gallo has some interesting plans for Mythos and SWADE. Unfortunately, Mystical Throne Entertainment cannot accommodate those plans and thus the new SWADE edition, which will also move the timeline forward, will be published by Rocky Mountain Savages. The existing Mythos will remain as it is today and only be compatible with existing Savage Worlds editions (not SWADE). Unfortunately, we have too many projects and not enough time to support this update, but we wish Gilbert the best in keeping Mythos alive.

Roleplayers Chronicle

You can always follow our product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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