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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

Busy is the word of the month. One large book has been released, its Savage Worlds edition is in conversion, another book series is in layout, two books are finishing up editing, and there’s a whole lot of writing going on! I don’t expect to keep this development rate forever…

Mercenary Breed

Layout on the first Hastilion Expanse book is about ready to begin. The first book is Mercenary Breed: Drake Mining and Manufacturing; a primer to the Hastilion Expanse campaign and a guide to the setting. This will be the first PDF in a series of PDFs that will comprise the full Hastilion Expanse printed book. It’s going to BIG! Physically big…

Licensed Campaigns

Writing continues on Five Points (Dark Streets). This has been a fun book to develop so far and I’ve knocked out the New York setting guide portion of the book. This is a pretty important chapter as it establishes the setting and creates a framework for Five Points in 1849. I’ve also decided to add a lot more to the Character Creation section to better represent characters from the time.

Ultimate Guides

Several Ultimate Guides are in development, but right now there is one in editing – Ultimate Celtic Guide (current title name) for Savage Worlds. Written by Tyler Omichinksi, this book delves into the Celtic people throughout the British Isles before the Anglo-Saxons arrived. It’s an awesome collection of source material representing who the people were and how they lived. I’m not sure what the title will actually be, but you get the idea of what it’s about. I’ll announce the other Ultimate Guides when I get the manuscripts.

Entropic Gaming System

Editing is wrapping up on Entropic Guides: Warfare. This book will enter layout in September and should be available the same month. I’m pretty excited about this book as it’s all crunch and should add some excellent new layers for running different types of games using the Entropic Gaming System.

Development continues on Entropic Heroes: Fantasy. I’m currently working on the Art of Magic chapter when I can. Development on this book is always second to whatever major book is in development (currently Five Points).

Third Party Publishers

No updates here, but keep on the look-out for new 3PP EGS products.

Shadowed Earth

I’ve decided to write a Judgment Day Quick Start Guide. This version will feature all the Victorian mechanics, a Victorian introductory adventure, and 6 Victorian pregenerated characters. It will be available as Pay-What-You-Want in PDF and print-on-demand. It will be available in both EGS and Savage Worlds versions.

Development on Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings hasn’t begun yet. The book is on my to-do list, but I’ve decided to slow down on development. Things were getting a little overwhelming.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Ancient World

The PDFs and PODs for the Ancient World core setting guide EGS and Savage Worlds are now available. Bestiarum Vocabulum EGS version is available in PDF and the print files have been uploaded. Savage Worlds stat block conversion has begun and will be available in September in PDF and POD.

There’s a good chance that an Ancient World Quick Start Guide will be developed and released as Pay-What-You-Want in both PDF and POD. These are a great way of introducing settings to potential customers. I’ll probably pull together a nice bundle of EGS Quick Start Guides as a type of Try Before You Buy package. Something fun that would make a great gift!


No new developments on Mythos right now.

Broken Ruler Games

The Warden is busy plugging away and playtesting his new RPG – ScreenPlay. ScreenPlay is a representation of creating a theatrical game where the players are effectively actors and the show builds as the game goes along. Players are rewarded for how much drama they add to their PCs actions and the game chooses simplicity over excess. Currently, the system is a universal system with a setting in development. Broken Ruler Games will be launching a playtest akin to the Entropic Gaming System playtest with reward tiers for increases in participation. This will be launched and supported by Mystical Throne Entertainment.

Roleplayers Chronicle

I am currently working on the Paizo Publishing refresh. However, most of my time is being taken up by layout. There are just too many books ready for release!

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