Judgment Day: JumpStart (SWADE)


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If you are reading this, then you have already been admitted into the ranks of the Inquisition. Whether you take up the reins as an inquisitor or act as a member of your inquisitor’s retinue, your life has now permanently changed. What I’m about to share with you may never leave the confines of your mind; if it does, you will be branded a rogue and hunted down.

History is a lie. What you learn has been censored by those who would keep you ignorant, but ignorance brings safety. A fragile mind will crack beneath the pressures of the truth and carrying the burden of knowledge can break even the strongest souls. But you are different; you are prepared to be enlightened.

Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Judgment Day, redesigned from the ground-up for the SWADE version of Savage Worlds. What you are reading now is the JumpStart, a minimized version of the much larger Judgment Day core setting guide to get you started in the setting, fighting the supernatural horrors of the late 19th century with tools provided by your employers – the Inquisition.

Judgment Day: JumpStart includes:

  • Just enough mechanics to understand the game and use the pre-generated characters.
  • Just enough source material to understand the setting.
  • An introductory adventure.
  • Six pre-generated characters to get you into the action.

Judgment Day: JumpStart is not a standalone product; it requires the Savage Worlds SWADE core rulebook to play (at least for the GM).

Category – RPG Quick Start Guide
Authors – Aaron T. Huss
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – February 1, 2022


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