Mythos Designer’s Diary at Roleplayers Chronicle


Mythos Core Setting Guide and setting designer, Gilbert Gallo, talks about the ins and outs and the development process for creating the Mythos setting in his Designer’s Diary over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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Greek mythology has been the greatest source of inspiration for the vast majority of settings, legends, movies and novels. Yet, I believe that until now no other RPG setting fully provided me the true epic feeling I would like to experience during gameplay. That’s why I felt the urge to create a setting to provide demanding players the real majestic, epic feeling that only the true mythological setting can give. In Mythos, you can visit Mycenae, you can meet Argo’s kings, you can actually speak with Hermes and you can be involved in the Dynasty Wars as well as in the Heavenly Contest for Zeus’s succession. It’s a world where honor is highly prized and where a hero’s deeds are remembered forever, for better or for worse. Thanks to their patron gods, worthy heroes can actually shape their destiny and the world as gods usually do. It’s true, in Mythos heroes are very powerful, but, since their powers derive from the gods, they must always beware not to anger the Olympians, else they would feel their unavoidable wrath. Moreover, beside fighting monsters and escaping treachery, heroes must live up to their prophecies as well as they must solve the riddle of the Omens. That’s the main purpose for developing Mythos: providing players with a truly epic gaming experience in a “real” mythological world.

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