Mystical Throne Entertainment 2012 Year in Review


2012 has been an excellent first full year for Mystical Throne Entertainment and the Savage Insider magazine. The magazine saw the launch of the Premium Issues and the full year of free, standard issues. Additionally, we were very busy with setting development and release following the expanded editions of Mercenary Breed and Judgment Day along with the release of the Faith & Demons: The Rising historical fantasy mythology plot point setting and the Ancient World dark fantasy setting. Both of them will see continued support, especially Faith & Demons: The Rising with the ongoing releases of the various Nation Guides offering additional content, mechanics, and creatures for your plot point campaign (including a listing of historical information and different ways to alter it).

Overall everything has been well-received and we continue to support our products throughout Savage Insider and individual releases. Now it’s time to take a look at what’s coming for 2013.

Savage Insider

For the upcoming year, the free, standard issues of Savage Insider will continue as before with quarterly releases starting the first week of January. Issue #7 is titled End of Days with a post-apocalyptic theme. Issue #8 is about tech at the table with a focus on the tools we use for gaming. Issue #9 is in planning with a focus on the Victorian era through World War II, and a leaning toward horror and fantasy horror. Issue #10 hasn’t been decided yet.

Premium Issues of Savage Insider are moving to a semi-annual release due to the splitting of Shadowed Earth content into its own product. Issue #5 will be released in March with Issue #6 coming out in September. Ancient World and Mercenary Breed will continue to be supported in Savage Insider Premium.

Shadowed Journal

Shadowed Journal is our new magazine featuring Shadowed Earth only content. Due to the multi-era use of much of the content and the central theme, these releases will now stand on their own for those following one or more of the Shadowed Earth settings (currently Faith & Demons:  The Rising, Judgment Day, and the upcoming Oneironaut). This magazine, much shorter than Savage Insider Premium, will release semi-annually on opposite ends of Savage Insider Premium with the first issue in June and the second in December.

Shadowed Earth

This year’s first major release will be the new Shadowed Earth setting guide. This full sourcebook will contain a multi-era look at the alternate history from beginning to looking forward for what is known as Shadowed Earth, the basis for many of our core settings. This multi-era guide will include descriptions and details of every major era and event throughout history and how it ties to the alternate history canon of Shadowed Earth. This guide will be system agnostic and can be used  in-conjunction with our Shadowed Earth settings or used to spark your own, homebrewed settings.

Faith & Demons Nation Guides

Throughout 2013, we will continue our release of the first wave of Nation Guides for Faith & Demons: The Rising, covering each of the core nations. Our first release will be the Byzantine Empire, hopefully out in January and will continue with a new release every 1-2 months until finishing up Scandinavia.


Mystical Throne Entertainment freelancer Gilbert Gallo is doing a conversion of his Italian system Mythos into a Savage Worlds core setting guide. Currently in development, this setting places characters in a mythological world from Ancient Greece as players act as demi-gods, taking on the vicious beasts of the world! Look for the Mythos core setting guide later in 2013.


Mystical Throne Entertainment has enlisted a number of writers to put together novellas set in any one of our current Savage Worlds settings including Faith & Demons: The Rising, Mercenary Breed, Ancient World, and Judgment Day. Look for the first on during the first half of the year and hopefully more coming shortly after.

Perilous Journey: Twilight Continuum

Our first Perilous Journey campaign series set is slated to hit Kickstarter in February. This first campaign set will be a 6-book set titled Twilight Continuum, featuring a sci-fi action and adventure campaign set in the near future. Development of this campaign set is dependent on the success of the Kickstarter campaign. If it fails, development will be reevaluated.

Edge of Arcanum: Abyssal World

Our second major release (not counting Mythos and Twilight Continuum depending on other developments) is the first in our new adventure series of products. Similar in function to Triple Ace Games’ Daring Tales series of products, our adventure series will feature a setting that is usable with the core products of Savage Worlds and whatever else is contained within that adventure or sourcebook publication. Each adventure series will gain the benefit of a free player’s guide which contains inf0rmation to connect the core content with the setting. The guide is not required, but may help enhance game-play. However, they will be released as a free PDF or you can purchase the Print-on-Demand version for a great price. Each adventure or sourcebook serves as a mostly standalone product and will not require the use of the player’s guide. In other worlds, you can grab an adventure and play it right away with nothing more than the Savage Worlds core rulebook(s).

The first in this series of adventure settings is Edge of Arcanum: Abyssal World. This epic fantasy horror setting will feature a high fantasy realm turned chaotic, bringing creatures of horror into the forefront. It’s a mixture of high magic, high adventure, and high terror! Look for the free Edge of Arcanum: Abyssal World Player’s Guide in the latter half of 2013.

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