Mystical Throne Entertainment Unleashes the Entropic Gaming System Roleplaying Game


SHAKOPEE, MN December 10, 2014 – After a very successful Open Beta Playtest, Mystical Throne Entertainment has released the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook to cover all tabletop roleplaying genres and subgenres.

The Entropic Gaming System is the newest set of tabletop roleplaying base mechanics designed to embrace the standard needs of all genres. It’s designed to be approachable using familiar mechanics utilized in a new way to be flexible and minimal while still blending together properly. Mechanics such as Ability and Skill combinations allow for fewer skills to be used across a wider array of actions without needing more skills. The Quality mechanics make it easy for characters to obtain bonuses by translating their character’s concept into in-game tools. And Talents make magic and science extremely flexible for all fettered and unfettered situations.

After two years of design, the Open Beta Playtest was launched at the end of July and ran until the first week of December. Over 1,700 people downloaded the playtest packet and lots of excellent feedback was received to qualify playtesters for one of the given playtest reward tiers. This method of rewarding playtesters was received extremely well and the Entropic Gaming System was able to be run through many different GMs and players to work out all the bugs and fine-tune the mechanics!

“The Entropic Gaming System is my backbone for Shadowed Earth (a fantasy horror alternate history of Earth). Due to Shadowed Earth’s multi-era design, I needed maximum flexibility with a single system that doesn’t require a bunch of different mechanics to be added with each setting and era,” said Mystical Throne Entertainment and Entropic Gaming System designer Aaron T. Huss. “However, I wanted to avoid an excessive quantity of mechanics and still maintain that flexibility. After two years of brainstorming, development, and professional advice, the Entropic Gaming System was born!”

The Entropic Gaming System core rulebook is now or will be available in PDF format from the Mystical Throne Entertainment webstore, DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and A print-on-demand version will be available around the first of January from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

About Mystical Throne Entertainment
Mystical Throne Entertainment is an independent publisher owned and operated by Aaron T. Huss. He is the designer of the Entropic Gaming System, designer of the Shadowed Earth multi-era setting, a Savage Worlds licensee, a Legend Third Party Publisher, and the owner of a limited Colonial Gothic license.

Purchase the Entropic Gaming System PDF core rulebook here.

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