Mystical Throne Entertainment Launches New RPG System Open Beta Playtest


MYL40001 Entropy OBPTSHAKOPEE, MN JULY 30, 2014 – Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of their Open Beta playtest for their new tabletop RPG system – Entropy.

Entropy has been in development for the better part of the past two years with a much more aggressive development coming in the past six months after receiving feedback from fellow designers. It grew out of the need for a system to support the multi-era design of Shadowed Earth along with being able to support other genres and subgenres. Like many universal game systems out there, Entropy starts with a base set of mechanics that can be applied across the gambit of genres.

Entropy is being approached in two different ways from a playtest standpoint: public open beta and reward tiers. Much like the recent D&D Next playtest, Mystical Throne Entertainment has put together a complete playtest packet for Open Beta testing to all (for free of course) that includes all the game’s mechanics and an adventure to test drive those mechanics. However, the playtest stays clear of pregenerated characters as we wish everyone to create their own characters and encourage you to send them to us. The playtest packet can be shared across the world and everyone is encouraged to talk about it, share it with others, and tell us what they think!

The second major playtest approach is a reward tier system. Much like the Kickstarter craze, playtesting Entropy offers different reward tiers of participation depending on how much effort is put in and how much feedback is provided. The more you participate in the playtest, the better your rewards become! Even those who simply download the playtest packet are treated to free updates of the Open Beta versions.

For more information, watch our blog for updates:

To download the free playtest packet, navigate over to DriveThruRPG or RPGNow:

Mystical Throne Entertainment is the publishing and creative outlet for Aaron T. Huss. He currently holds licenses for Savage Worlds and Colonial Gothic and is a third party publisher for Legend.

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