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Mercenary Breed is the first Premium Content product being published through the Savage Insider magazine. Mercenary Breed is designed as a Savage Worlds mini-setting that will grow through standard issue releases of Savage Insider. The core setting guide is released as the Premium Content and creates the space opera sandbox framework including charts for race, home world, and corporation creation, a loosely defined setting history, new mechanics for renown (which removes the need to purchase standard equipment), along with example creations for getting your setting started or to be used as a design reference.

Playtesting will open very soon and here is the first draft of the official description.

Mercenary Breed is a space opera sandbox setting where inter-planetary corporations employ mercenaries to enforce laws and enact justice against those who perform oppositional activities.

Mercenary Breed is designed to be an interactive creation between the players and the GM where freedom is given to create new races, home worlds, backgrounds, and history that can directly affect the designed game setting. Tools are included to make this process a bit easier.

By taking full advantage of the fast, fun, and flexible mechanics of Savage Worlds, one’s setting is allowed to become a mixture of virtually any genre. Considering the underlining space opera appeal, PCs can come into contact with a medieval world filled with powerful shaman or high-tech worlds secured by high-powered sentinels.

The sandbox-style setting allows the players to become fully absorbed into the setting by adding their own bits and pieces to the overall setting. This helps the GM to create a framework filled with flavor and a bit of everyone’s imagination. Player characters are only limited to a player’s imagination and a GMs way of creating a balanced racial background. Four races are included to give direction or to simply use for virtually any adventure or campaign. Additional races, backgrounds, home worlds, bestiary, and many other items will be introduced through standard Savage Insider issue distribution. These will be readily available to help anyone’s sandbox develop and grow in different or new directions.

Characters follow the standard Savage Worlds creation method except there are no defined races. Players are encouraged to design their own races and allow the GM to assign a racial background. The sandbox setting can thus grow and change across multiple players as they add their own unique flavor. A little bit of balancing creates a setting that everyone can enjoy and contributes to. But don’t worry, there is still a human-equivalent race for those who do not want a racial background.

The purpose of Mercenary Breed is two-fold: perform the missions for your employer and gain enough renown to live a lavish lifestyle. Mercenaries enforce the laws laid forth by their employers and enact any swift justice necessary. This could range from a simple investigation into criminal activities or protecting a new civilization to a full rescue and recovery of a valuable transport ship that was breached by a hostile alien race.

However, working for inter-planetary corporations has its benefits. One does not need to purchase standard weapons, armor, and housing but rather requisition them depending upon their reputation, known as renown. The more status the mercenary gains, the better the equipment they receive and better the lifestyle they can live.

The more missions a mercenary completes, and the more difficult, the more renown they earn from the corporation. Gain enough renown and you can own a condominium on the 300th floor of the highest building or be given your own island within the warmest parts of the largest sea. Just remember, gaining renown is not always easy and you may find yourself face-to-face with an entire army of giant steam-powered sentries waiting to crush you under-boot.

Regardless of the sci-fi action and adventure experience you’re looking for, it’s all possible with Mercenary Breed. The core setting guide gives you the base tools and framework necessary to create a extraordinary setting of your own filled with creatures sourcing from the imagination of the players. Mercenary Breed is meant to be interactive and social along with being fun, fast, and flexible.

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