Faith & Demons: The Rising Preview #1


To coincide with the upcoming release of the Faith & Demons: The Rising core setting guide, a plot point setting for Savage Worlds, I’m doing weekly previews of the content. today is a look at Character Types from the Introduction chapter.

Character Types

Faith & Demons: The Rising allows for a wide variety of character types for both PCs and NPCs. These character types could be created from the Edges and Hindrances found within the Savage Worlds core rulebook or from the Edges found within this book and subsequent sourcebooks.

Cataphract: Cataphracts are the trained militants of the Byzantine Empire. They are heavily armed and armored and ride on armored mounts. They are the heavy cavalry of the Byzantine army; skilled, disciplined and quite devastating.

Druid: Druids utilize nature and the elements to power their spells. They are often found with their bestial friends and harness one of the four elements to smite their foes.

Lord: Lords are the powerful nobles found across the lands. Some are of royal birth, while others have been granted land and power in return for service.

Monk: Monks thrive on knowledge and learning. They are the most literate persons across the land and are frequently found with scrolls or tomes in-hand. They strive to acquire new knowledge.

Necromancer: Necromancers harness the power of the occult and use the undead for their own means. These spellcasters wander the land wreaking havoc everywhere they go.

Priest: Priests devote their lives to their god who in turn blesses them with powers of faith. Most help those in need while others are consumed by the powers of darkness. Some turn straight to deeds of evil.

Runemage: Runemages are masters of the ancient Runic alphabet and know how to harness its power. They draw their sacred runes upon their weapons to enhance their strength.

Shaman: Shamans communicate with the spirit world to power their spells. They can speak to angels and wandering souls to locate the true power within the spirit realm.

Samurai: Samurai are the military class of Japan. They are highly skilled, elite warriors and commit their vows to the Bushido code.

Thegn: Thegns are the elite warriors of the Anglo-Saxon tribes and part of a chieftain’s personal troops. They are well-trained and skilled and often form war bands acting as a powerful military force.

Viking: Vikings are the warriors of the Nordic lands who have sworn loyalty to their lord. They are professional fighters and are called upon during both war and peace to aid their lord.

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