Faith & Demons: The Rising Playtesters Wanted


Faith & Demons: The Rising is a complete plot-point setting for Savage Worlds. It is an alternate history of the Dark Ages filled with gothic fantasy and mythology.

Development has reached the point where the Core Setting Guide is ready for the first round of playtesting!  If you are interested in becoming a playtester for Faith & Demons: The Rising, send an e-mail to

All playtesters who complete the playtesting cycle will get a free copy of the completed PDF and be listed within the Playtesters credits.

All feedback must be returned by September 1, 2011. Within September, all changes will be made and the second round of playtesting will begin. I also encourage everyone to register on the website to stay informed of recent developments and make and solicit any feedback necessary.  All playtest entries will be tracked by your name and e-mail address for verification upon completion.

Round 1 of the playtesting focuses upon:

  • New Professional Edges
  • New weapons
  • New armor
  • New spells
  • New Character Creation mechanics

I hope everyone likes it (so far)!

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