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Faith & Demons: The Rising is Now Available

Faith & Demons: The Rising is Now Available

The Faith & Demons: The Rising core setting guide and Player’s Guide have been released in PDF format. A print-on-demand version of the core setting guide will be available during the upcoming weeks.

Check-out my Faith & Demons: The Rising Products page for more information.

As if the power vacuum created by Rome’s fall isn’t enough, the survivors are fighting against multiple forces. Religious persecution has reared its head with claims of heresy against those who are just worshiping as they always have. Tribal conflicts threaten to tear asunder tenuous allegiances. The land is suffering from the fall-out of it all making nomadic life more difficult than typical. The undead armies, horrific demons, and a host of once mythological creatures stalking the landscape create tension from shore to shore. Someone needs to do something. And the lords have decided your party counts as ‘someone.’

Your characters have it in them to be more than a survivor. Lead your nomadic tribe’s defense against all sides to become a legendary warrior. Best a demon lord. Quell the lich’s vampire army. Call down the angels of heaven to fight at your side. Or maybe call upon the denizens of hell to tear apart your foes.

FAITH & DEMONS: THE RISING is a Dark Ages, gothic fantasy plot point setting for Savage Worlds where united lords have brought the world’s warriors together to prevent the armies of chaos from enslaving their people.

The FAITH & DEMONS: THE RISING core setting guide includes:

  • 9 templates to tie your character to their home nation.
  • Over 90 new Edges.
  • 4 new Arcane Backgrounds.
  • Weapons and armor straight out of the Dark Ages.
  • Religion and Mythology found during the Dark Ages.
  • Over 45 new creatures from folklore, mythology, and gothic horror.
  • A complete plot point campaign from Novice to Heroic.
  • 16 Savage Tales from Novice to Veteran
  • … and much more

Join the battle and defeat the armies of chaos!

FAITH & DEMONS: THE RISING is not a stand-alone game and requires the Savage Worlds core rulebook.

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