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ShadowedEarth-LogoShadowed Earth is a fantasy horror alternate history of Earth from the dawn of the planet to the near future. This version of Earth’s history depicts actual events in a new, chaotic light along with adding many elements of its own to enhance the overall storyline. Shadowed Earth adds-in many elements from mythology and folklore, making them real and giving them a purpose. This alternate history is depicted as such to present a collection of settings for tabletop role-playing games, fiction, and possibly more. It is a work of fiction and is published by Mystical Throne Entertainment, from the creative mind of Aaron T. Huss.

Shadowed Earth Online is a collection of free premium content and inspirational material only available online (as opposed to being offered via PDF). The benefit of a website over traditional PDF releases is that the content is always available and doesn’t require transporting of a file between devices. Thus, if you’re running a game and need to add something extra, simply log onto the website and grab what you need. There’s no need to download, but you can print as desired.

PoweredByEGS-LogoShadowed Earth is a systemless setting designed to be used within any application, game, or setting desired. However, much of the content presented in Shadowed Earth Online is designed for specific system use and is not open game content, unless otherwise specified. This includes licensed settings for Savage Worlds, Third Party Publications for Legend, and settings powered by the Entropic Gaming System. All Savage Worlds content is licensed and not usable as open game content. All Legend and Entropic Gaming System content is part of the OGL with open content being defined within each post. All Beyond the Firelight and Little Heroes content is supported by Creative Commons. You can, however, use it all freely within your home games.

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Legend Core Rulebook: ©2011, Mongoose Publishing Ltd; Author Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash

Entropic Gaming System Core Rulebook: ©2014, Mystical Throne Entertainment; Author Aaron T. Huss

Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm: ©2015, Mystical Throne Entertainment; Author Aaron T. Huss

Shadowed Earth also encompasses a number of official and licensed settings while being available for personal use to create any setting desired using its canon. For the sake of ease-of-use for Shadowed Earth Online, here is a brief explanation of the settings placed within the Shadowed Earth alternate history.

Beyond the Firelight

Beyond the Firelight is a multi-era setting rooted in folkloric horror, made real by the Shadowed Earth setting, that can take place in any age. Characters assume the role of common folk during the chosen period, facing down the horrors that threaten their villages and towns. It can be run as investigative or survival horror.

Faith & Demons: The Rising

Faith & Demons: The Rising is placed during the latter half of the Dark Ages leading up to the apocalyptic event that plummets the world into being controlled by the chaos realm. Players assume the roles of great warriors banding together to fight against the rising tide of demons, undead, and the humans that support them. Although the plot point campaign has the PCs championing a massive battle against the Armies of Chaos and hopefully prevailing, the Shadowed Earth canon holds a much darker secret.

Faith & Demons: The Rising combines the fantasy horror of Shadowed Earth with the mythology of the Dark Ages.

The 1st Edition of Faith & Demons: The Rising is currently available. However, a complete relaunch of the setting will occur in 2017-2018 to coincide with the multi-era, fantasy horror alternate history of Shadowed Earth. This new version will also focus more on the core battles, starting with the Byzantine Empire, instead of encompassing all of Europe and parts of Asia. This version will be compatible with the 1st Edition, with only minor changes necessary (which will be explained in the setting guide). Stay tuned for Faith & Demons: The Rising 2.0!

The Fallen

The Fallen is a multi-era setting that combines the fantasy horror of Shadowed Earth with divine fantasy and gothic horror. Characters who are part of The Fallen are near-immortal beings with god-like abilities. These fallen warriors face down the most vile beings where the Inquisition cannot succeed.

The Fallen is a planned setting for Shadowed Earth and an integral part of its canon. Its development will be announced in the near future.

Holy Quest: The Fall

Holy Quest: The Fall combines the fantasy horror of Shadowed Earth with the First Crusade. It depicts a post-apocalyptic world that is suffering at the hands of the Armies of Chaos. Players assume the role of crusaders that must delve into the chaos realm to free Yahweh’s archangels and rid the world of the chaos that has ensued. It will be developed as a plot-point setting.

Holy Quest: The Fall is a planned setting for Shadowed Earth and an integral part of its canon. Its development will be announced in the near future.

Judgment Day

Judgment Day is a multi-era setting where characters assume the role of supernatural hunters, as inquisitors or part of an inquisitor’s retinue, combating all otherworldly threats and the occult. The core rulebook allows for gameplay during the Middle Ages, Victorian era, and modern day.

Judgment Day combines the fantasy horror of Shadowed Earth with beings of legend and folklore.

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