Dark Fantasy Bestiary for the Entropic Gaming System


Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Bestiarum Vocabulum, a collection of over 50 unique creatures for Ancient World and the Entropic Gaming System. Although developed to be used with Ancient World, these dark fantasy creatures are usable on their own. The PDF is currently available and printed editions will be available later this month.

Ancient World: Bestiarum Vocabulum (EGS) [PDF: $10]


Bestiarum Vocabulum presents a collection of dark fantasy bestiary for Ancient World and is usable with any dark fantasy setting.

Bestiarum Vocabulum includes:

  • 57 unique creatures.
  • Over 75 adversary stat blocks.
  • Fully illustrated entries.
  • Full description and physiology of each creature.
  • Plagued and Diseased versions of many creatures.
  • … and more!

Bestiarum Vocabulum is a dark fantasy bestiary guide for the Entropic Gaming System. It is not a standalone book and requires use of the EGS core rulebook. To be used within the context of Dhuran, a copy of Ancient World is also required.

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