Broken Ruler Games Set to Launch ScreenPlay Playtest


screenplay_rehearsal_cover_7x10_1p1Coming down the wire from Broken Ruler Games is news about the upcoming ScreenPlay playtest:

After nearly two years of extensive building, de-construction, over-gluing, head-banging, and soul searching, the story of ScreenPlay is about to take its next step. And YOU can help make it even better.

On October 20th of this very year (2015, for the time capsule), Broken Ruler Games will release the absolutely free Rehearsal Edition of ScreenPlay – AKA the playtest edition. Resting at over 65 pages of everything you’ll need to play this storytelling RPG, the Rehearsal Edition will also reward those who help strengthen this game through their feedback. Details are still being hammered out, but what we can tell you is that this playtest edition of ScreenPlay will work very much like a Kickstarter except that instead of unlocking rewards based on how much money you contribute, you’ll earn rewards based on the amount and quality of feedback you provide.

In Version 1.1 of this edition, you’ll find…

  • Complete rules for telling your stories as a Writer (player) or a Director (GM), provided in alphabetical order for easy reference
  • Helpful guidelines for directing stories in ScreenPlay
  • Ironbound, a dark fantasy treatment (AKA adventure) for immediate use and a great introduction to the game

With eight weeks from now until the Rehearsal Edition launches, we’re going to be flooding this site with previews and behind-the-scenes analysis of how this game came to be. Stay tuned to this site or make it easy on yourself and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and get ready to tell your story like never before.

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