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Ultimate Iron Age Guide: Roman Legions (Savage Worlds)


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Few words conjure up as much grandeur and splendor as the Roman Legions. For 900 years they marched across Europe, Africa, and Asia, laying low any opposition set before them and adding vast swaths of new lands to the Republic and later the Empire. They performed this miraculous chore through superior arms and armor, remarkable training and discipline, and a tradition of unparalleled organization and pedigree.

Ultimate Iron Age Guide: Roman Legions is a catalog of tools of the trade utilized by the Roman Army. The legions underwent drastic changes over the years moving from seasonal, offensive citizen soldiers, to professional, garrisoned warriors; from infantry based cores to cavalry-heavy mobile units. As the scope of all the drastic changes are quite abundant, this guide focuses on the armies of the Late Republic and Early Empire, roughly from 27 BCE to 284 CE, commonly known as the Principate.

Ultimate Iron Age Guide: Roman Legions includes:

  • A look at the legions’ place in Ancient Rome
  • The military structure and ranks of the Roman Legions
  • A listing of Roman Emperors
  • Options for making legionary characters
  • Sample adventures
  • … and more!

Ultimate Iron Age Guide: Roman Legions is your source for building Legionaries like those of history, or building the foundations of a historical or alternate history game set during the Principate.

This revised edition contains expanded content and a new layout.


Type – RPG Sourcebook
Authors – Christopher J.N. Banks, Aaron T. Huss
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – January 16, 2013; November 10, 2017

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