Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics (EGS)


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Author: A.J. Preece
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Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics is designed to guide you through the world of psionic talents, open up new psionic areas to explore, and broaden the psionic characters many players bring to the table. This is done through character options and the supporting content that allows you to stylize your psionic character.

For GMs, Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics presents a psionic bestiary, micro-setting, and adventure guideline along with the supporting content that enhances the understanding of what a psionicist is capable of.

Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics includes:

  • What it means to be a psionicist
  • Over 25 ways to manifest psionic Talents (i.e. Manifestations)
  • New Characer Concepts and Qualities
  • New Talents with a psionic style
  • Psionic gear
  • Psionic bestiary
  • A micro-setting
  • … And more!

Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics helps you get more out of your psionic characters by adding depth to what makes them a psionicist. It is not a standalone book, but can be used in any setting and genre.


Type: RPG Sourcebook
Authors: A.J. Preece
System: Entropic Gaming System
Release Date: May 24, 2017

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