Killshot Files #2: Bad Company [PDF]


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You didn’t think something happened to go old Killshot Files, did you? Far from, the world’s deadliest tabletop RPG carries on with the 2nd supplement pushing the game – and your career – further than ever before.

We stocked this sucker to the brim with 60 pages of extended mayhem and death, from new rules for using poison in your career, to an expanded look at the eight original focuses with seven new ones to stretch out your resources. Plus there’s a collection of six specialties, a pair of Fresh Marks, and finally a complete job called “Bad Company” pitting your Team against a crew of hackers looking to sell off some vital data to the highest bidder. What’s the data? That’s not your job to know, remember? What’s important is that it’s a complete job for 4-6 assassins with 35+ training points under their belt.

Category – RPG Adventure
Authors – The Warden, Kurt Wimmer
System – Optional System
Release Date – September 16, 2013


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