Killshot Files #1: Blaze of Glory [PDF]


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To stay alive in this business, you need two things: common sense and work. You’re on your own for the first one, but here’s a little something to help out with the second.

Killshot Files #1: Blaze of Glory brings you a little bit of everything to take your Killshot career to the next level. The first full issue of this quarterly series, you’ll find something for assassins and Directors throughout. This issue’s theme is weaponry and how to make the most of it in your career. Learn how to customize your weapons by assembling the right accessories, elevate your mastered weapon with master traits, and feel the full wrath of the task force.

Plus there’s an original Fresh Mark, a preview for the upcoming genre-bending supplement, Killshot: Reloaded, and a complete job for 2-4 assassins with 30-35 training points.

Category – RPG Adventure
Authors – The Warden
System – Optional System
Release Date – January 28, 2013


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