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Savage Insider Issue #5: CONventional Gaming


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Savage Insider Issue 5: CONventional Gaming is dedicated to convention or one-shot styled adventures. Introducing new players to a system or setting is often done at conventions and via one-shot adventures. This issue provides four adventures of this design with six pre-generated characters each. In addition, there is a bonus fifth adventure without pre-generated characters.

CONventional Gaming is a cross-genre issue with content that covers multiple genres and settings. To coincide with the use of these adventures for conventions, a general interest piece is included with tips for game masters running games at conventions.

CONventional Gaming includes:

  • Voyage of the Water Dragon pulp adventure
  • Famine to Feast… For the Beast, For the Beast fantasy horror adventure for Judgment Day
  • Angel of Darkness cyberpunk adventure for Interface Zero
  • Breat Moss epic fantasy adventure for Kith’takharos
  • Canis Lupus modern fantasy horror adventure for Judgment Day
  • Tunse’al Setting Guide preview
  • CONventional Advice general interest article about running convention games
  • And more

Look for new issues of Savage Insider every 3 months in January, April, July, and October with Premium Content releases in-between.


Type – Magazine
Authors – Vickey A. Beaver, Michael Hansen, Aaron T. Huss, Curtis Lyon, Sarah Lyon, Dave Przybyla, Kevin Rohan, Jeremy Stromberg, Lee F. Szczepanik Jr
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – July 6, 2012; July 1, 2017

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