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Savage Insider Issue #3: What Lurks in the Shadows


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Savage Insider Issue 3: What Lurks in the Shadows is a dark, gritty-themed issue with a look at the more horrific side of games. The pillar article Happily Scared is a lengthy discussion about what makes horror so appealing while Dangerous Magic introduces a grittier theme to your game’s magic mechanics.

What Lurks in the Shadows is a cross-genre horror issue with content covering modern, action, fantasy, and sci-fi horror. There are four, fully-developed Savage Worlds adventures to support all these horrific themes.

What Lurks in the Shadows includes:

  • 4 fleshed out adventures
  • 2 sets of alternate rules for incorporating horror
  • 2 general interest articles about horror
  • A preview of the upcoming Savage Worlds edition of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
  • Part 3 of the Crypt of the Crystal Lich fiction series
  • Part 3 of the Deadlands comic series The Kid
  • A 10% off coupon to the Open Gaming Store
  • And more!


Type – Magazine
Authors – Vickey A. Beaver, Steve Dean, Vikki Felde, Aaron T. Huss, Jay Peters, Umberto Pignatelli, Kevin Ranson, R. Hyrum Savage, Lee F. Szczepanik Jr, Visionary Comics, Michael Zabkar
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – December 31, 2011; January 1, 2017

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