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Savage Insider Issue #1: Building the Savage Worlds Community


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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Savage Insider – a new electronic magazine dedicated to Savage Worlds. This first issue is filled with new Savage Worlds content, fiction, licensee information, and an introduction to several Savage Worlds licensees.

Inside you will find:

  • One-sheet Adventure
  • Fully developed NPC
  • Part 1 of the Crypts of the Crystal Lich serial fiction series
  • New fantasy equipment
  • Part 1 of the Deadlands comics series The Kid
  • A look at Gen Con Indy 2011
  • Designer’s Diary for Temporal Probability Agency from Apathy Games
  • Round Robin Question & Answer session with the Savage Worlds licensees

Savage Insider is a quarterly eZine dedicated to Savage Worlds, its licensees, and the community. It is a collaborative effort between Savage Worlds licensees and fans and is published through Mystical Throne Entertainment. It is supported by the many licensees and fans using an exchange method. Those who contribute content or artwork are offered a full-page advertisement. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to Savage Insider, please contact the Editor-in-Chief.


Type: Magazine
Authors: Aaron T. Huss, Andugus, Vickey A. Beaver, Clint Black, Tyson J. Hayes, Miles M. Kantir, Ben Overmyer, Sean Preston, Kevin A. Ranson, Kevin Rohan, Lee F. Szczepanik Jr., Visionary Comics, Viz, Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams
System: Savage Worlds
Release Date: June 23, 2011; June 17, 2016

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