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Ancient World: Bestiarum Vocabulum (Savage Worlds)

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Bestiarum Vocabulum presents a collection of dark fantasy bestiary for Ancient World and is usable with any dark fantasy setting.

Bestiarum Vocabulum includes:

  • 57 unique creatures.
  • Over 75 adversary stat blocks.
  • Fully illustrated entries.
  • Full description and physiology of each creature.
  • Plagued and Diseased versions of many creatures.
  • … and more!

Bestiarum Vocabulum is a dark fantasy bestiary guide for Savage Worlds. It is not a standalone book and requires use of the Savage Worlds core rulebook. To be used within the context of Dhuran, a copy of Ancient World is also required.


Category – RPG Core Supplement
Authors – Aaron T. Huss
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – September 12, 2015

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