Killshot: An Assassin’s Journal [PDF]


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IF YOU’VE ALREADY PURCHASED YOUR COPY OF KILLSHOT: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT, STOP RIGHT THERE!! This book has already been included; you’ll find nothing new here. If you haven’t purchase Killshot yet, then now’s the time to start.

Some of us just don’t fit in with the rest of the world. Sure, we can hold down a steady job, collect a paycheck, raise a family, and blend in, but not without stirring up the shit. Trying to be something you’re not comes out eventually. Aggression, anger, drug abuse, whatever your poison is. Some of us have demons. Some of us have issues. But some of us – a select few – have a gift we can’t deny. Someone has to do what needs doing. Someone’s gotta pull the trigger and someone’s gotta die. That’s the job.

It’s the gritty world of professional hitmen, contract killers, and assassins; the world of Killshot. The short and sweet of it? You’re assassins hired to kill for money. Bombers, enforcers, snipers, burglars, techs, and hunters are just the top of the pile for co-workers. You’ll work together as a Team to get it done right the first time because you don’t get a second chance in this business. Either the client will kill you, your broker will deny she knows you, or the cops will pound on your door at 6AM.

Killshot‘s designed to provide players with an intense, immersive experience using the flexibility and rapid pace of the Optional System combined with the strategy and co-operation of a tactical war game. Players must devise a plan of action to get the job done right or find themselves staring at the rest of their lives behind bars. Every phase of the job bears equal importance and is not complete until the players have successfully made off without leaving any clues.

An Assassin’s Journal is the tip of the iceberg for assassins everywhere. All the rules required to play, character generation, training, gear, skills, traits, weapons, and more are in here. Oh, and a Character Record to keep yourself organized and a Tracker to piece it all together. If you’re looking to be an assassin, this book’s all you need. So what’re you waiting for?

Category – RPG Core Rulebook
Authors – The Warden
System – Optional System
Release Date – August 14, 2012


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