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General Mystical Throne Entertainment Errata   Download
Mystical Tales #1: Chav Ulick   Download
Mystical Tales #2: Bishop Williams   Download
Mystical Tales #3: Helioside   Download
Mystical Tales #4: Teel Roshen   Download
Mystical Tales #5: Sci-Fi Gear Renown   Download
Hastilion Expanse Galactic Map   Download
Mythos Map of the Cosmos   Download

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Entropic Gaming System Character Sheet   Download
Entropic Gaming System Adversary Sheet   Download
Faith & Demons: The Rising Character Sheet   Download
Mercenary Breed Savage Worlds Character Sheet   Download
Mercenary Breed Savage Worlds Printer-friendly Character Sheet   Download
Mercenary Breed Legend Character Sheet   Download
Mythos Savage Worlds Character Sheet   Download

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Mongoose Publishing (Publisher of Legend)   Website
Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Publisher of Savage Worlds)   Website
Rogue Games (Publisher of Colonial Gothic)   Website
New Hampshire Historical Society   Website
New England Historical Society   Website
Box of Blades Author, Brian Eldritch   Website   Facebook Page
Ultimate Guides Author, Military Historian Christopher J.N. Banks   Website

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